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We love this business so much that we want to try our very best to have you enjoy selecting the components you need from the SIEMENS basket of industrial automation and drives technologies. SIMATIC is the tried and tested basic automation system for solving automation tasks in all sectors comprising standard components in hardware and software that keep all the options open for customized expansions.

The SIMATIC family comprises the following components that complement each other perfectly:

  • Programmable controllers
  • Distributed I/Os
  • Programming devices
  • SIMATIC Software
  • Micro Automation Sets
  • Component Based Automation
  • Machine Vision (see Sensors, Test and Measurement Technology)

Please scroll down to the bottom of this frame to get to the links to the part #'s for the S7-200 Micro Family of Controllers.

Innovated CPU 312, CPU 314, CPU 315-2 DP and CPU 315F-2 DP Released for Delivery

STEP 7 Hardware Support Packages (HSPs - Stand: 09/2009)

How do you configure a Modbus slave using the "RCV_341" (FB 121) block?

Please note the following as you configure your SIEMENS S7-300 PLC:

  • CPU racks can accommodate no more than 8 I/O modules
  • Should one (1) remote I/O rack (max) be required and if the distance between the CPU rack and remote I/O rack is no more than 1 meter, you can use IM 365 Interface Module. IM 365 is made up of 2 modules with a 1 meter permanent connecting cable. A 24VDC power supply is not required for a remote I/O rack where an IM 365 is used.
  • Should 1-3 remote I/O racks (max 3) be required and if the distance between the CPU rack and the last remote I/O rack is no more than 10 meters, you can use IM 360 interface module in the CPU rack and IM 361 Interface Module in the remote rack (s). Connecting cables between IM 360 and IM 361 or IM 361 and IM 361 can be purchased in the following lengths: 1 meter, 2.5 meters, 5 meters, and 10 meters
  • Should you be using a Profibus-based CPU such as CPU 315-2 DP and you prefer to have a profibus-based remote I/O rack, you no longer have to worry about the distance between the CPU and remote I/O rack
  • SIEMENS offers many choices for the profibus-based remote I/O racks (see ET 200 Distributed I/O section of IK PI Catalog 2009). The most common are ET 200M (S7-300 based for high density module requirements) and ET 200S (where standard motor starters with motor starter protectors and contactor assembly up to 5.5 kW can be used). Frequency converters ( up to 4.0 kW) can also be completely integrated into the ET 200S I/O system
  • ET 200M: With IM 153-2 High Feature (required for F-technology or the highest performance in conjunction with clock synchronization) Profibus interface smodule or IM 153-4 Profinet interface module (Micro Memory Card with at least 64 KB required), twelve (12) I/O modules can be used in the remote rack. IM 153-4 Profinet interface modules should be used in conjunction with a profinet based S7-300 or S7-400 CPU such as CPU 315-2 PN/DP, or CPU 414-3 PN/DP

Step 1: Click here to Download Catalog ST 70 2009 Products for Totally Integrated Automation and Micro Automation

Your RK Controls representative will be happy to work with you side by side as you select the right SIEMENS products for your particular application.


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