*) You must calculate your power budget to determine how much power (or current) the S7-200CPU can provide for your configuration. If theCPU power budget is exceeded, you may not be able to connect the maximum number of modules. See Appendix A in S7-200 System Manual for CPU and expansion module power requirements, and Appendix B to calculate your power budget.

* Terminal connectors are removable on CPU 224, CPU 224XP and CPU 226


Text Display Units: (See ST 80 Human Machine Interface Systems Catalog Pages 28-46)

The Text Display (TD) is a display device that can be connected to the S7-200. Using the Text Display wizard, you can easily program your S7-200 to display text messages and other data pertaining to your application.

The TD device provides a low cost interface to your application by allowing you to view, monitor, and change the process variables pertaining to your application. The S7-200 product family provides four TD devices:

Operator and Touch Panel Displays:

The OP 73micro and TP 177micro panels are tailored to applications with SIMATIC S7-200 Micro PLC and provide operating and monitoring functions for small-scale machines and plants. Short configuration and commissioning times, and their configuration in WinCC flexible form the highlights of these panels. In addition, these panels support up to 32 configuration languages and five online languages, including the Asian and Cyrillic character sets. The mounting dimensions of the Operator Panel OP 73micro with its graphical 3" display unit are compatible with OP3 and TD 200. Touch Panel TP 177micro replaces the Touch Panel TP 070/TP 170micro. It can be mounted vertically to accommodate additional applications. This feature enables its use even when space is restricted.

Please note the following as you configure your SIEMENS S7-200 PLC: