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Engineering Service & Support
RK Controls Applications Engineers have a combined SIEMENS Automation Systems (PLCs and HMI) programming experience of 35 + years and are dedicated to providing high quality engineering, software development and on-site services to many industries such as Pulp and Paper, Cement, Food & Beverage, Production Machines, Pharmaceutical...etc.. We specialize in developing and commissioning of custom-engineered industrial control systems, utilizing AC and DC drives, PLC's, industrial
PC's, and operator interface systems.
RK Controls’ engineers have expertise in automation and variable speed drives systems for process lines, process control and batch processing applications. Our engineers are also well known as retrofit and upgrade specialists.

A successful project depends on more than just getting the technical parts right. RK Controls sees the project through from start to finish - a full turnkey package. We will specify, code, build, test, commission and support.

Pre-project consultation
If you know how to solve your problem, that's fine. But if you don't, we can often help. In the past, we have successfully tackled all sorts of unusual problems - for example checking that the temperature inside a freezer cabinet has dropped without measuring it, or detecting if a sheet of building board, trundling down a production line, has had its corners broken off.

We have had experience of all sorts of unusual measuring and control techniques, and are not shy of proposing and creating new ways of doing things when the occasion demands it. If it really is unknown territory, we can put in test equipment on your site to do a pilot study, as proof of technique.

Effective support depends on a fast reaction time. We recommend setting up a connection through which our engineers can diagnose your system remotely. This can be a simple phone line and modem or a secure VPN connection running through your company's standard, permanent Internet connection. With this in place, we can be on site 'virtually' in minutes. Most operational problems yield to this approach, which is an all round grief saver.

To minimize your spares costs, we operate a hardware pool. We hold a stock of certain high value components. For a small fee, you can buy into our pool, and have a call on its contents in the event of a hardware failure on your site. This gives you rapid replacement times without the overhead of buying your own spares.

Whether the project is a local customer support of a major plant expansion or a complicated machine upgrade, RK Controls’ innovative solutions and strategies maximize the time that the machine is in full production through minimization of project implementation time and machine down time.

RK Controls offers a full range of electrical automation engineering services including:

  • Conceptual design and system specification
  • Detailed electrical design and drafting
  • Process functional specification development
  • PLC, HMI and SCADA Software specification and implementation
  • Drive sizing, system design and configuration
  • Project management
  • Consulting services including design evaluation, system benchmarking, system performance evaluation and improvement recommendations

Service agreements:
RK Controls has dedicated service agreements in place with some key clients. Each service agreement is tailored to the client’s particular needs. Every service agreement results in a team of RK Controls engineers, specifically trained on the client’s process, site and equipment, being put on a 24 hr, 7 days a week call-out roster.


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