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Components of SIMOTION
The SIMOTION system is made up of three components: Engineering system, Runtime software modules and Hardware platforms.

Engineering system
It enables the solution of the motion control, PLC and technology tasks in a uniform system and provides all the tools required for this: From the programming and parameterization, through the testing and commissioning up to the diagnostics.

Runtime software modules
These modules provide the various motion control and technology functions. With the selection of the appropriate modules, the entire system functionality can be flexibly adapted to the machine.

Hardware platforms
The hardware platforms are the basis of the SIMOTION motion control system. The application created with the engineering system and the associated runtime software modules can be used on various hardware platforms. You can therefore always select the platform which is most suitable for your machine, whether it be a controller, industrial PC or intelligent module directly in the drive.

Drive Design Tool SIZER

Your RK Controls representative will be happy to work with you side by side as you select the right SIEMENS motion components for your particular application. You can also contact our motion specialist Mr. Gerald Rowden.


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