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With version 7.0, SIMATIC WinCC creates new possibilities for the process visualization: WinCC offers complete operation and monitoring functionality under Windows XP and VISTA for all industries - from simple single-station systems up to distributed multi-station systems with redundant servers and cross-site web connections. WinCC is the information hub for the enterprise-wide vertical integration.
The WinCC basic software forms the core for a multitude of different applications. On the basis of the open programming interfaces, a large number of WinCC options and WinCC add-ons have already been developed.

Service Pack 1 for WinCC V7.0

How can you establish OPEN MODBUS / TCP communication from a SIMATIC and where can you find further information?

With what are SIMATIC WinCC V5.x, V6.x and V7 compatible?

What should you watch out for when implementing Microsoft Security Patches in SIMATIC WinCC?

The new Features of Version 7.0 at a Glance

  • New Runtime user interface - WinCC goes VISTA
  • Expanded HMI basic functionality - new functionally expanded alarm, trend curve, and user archive controls
  • Centrally changeable objects - new type instance concept
  • Expanded web functionality
  • Executable as a service
  • Windows VISTA
  • ... and a lot more

Changes compared to WinCC V6.2

  • The SIMATIC S5 Ethernet TF channel is no longer included in WinCC V7.0.
  • The option SIMATIC Logon is supplied with WinCC and does not require an additional license.
  • The DXF and Volo viewer controls are no longer supplied with WinCC.
  • The operating system Microsoft Windows 2000 is no longer supported.
  • The WinCC Client Access License for the access to WinCC data via the open WinCC interfaces from an office PC, on which no WinCC basic system/option has been installed, is no longer necessary when using WinCC V7.0.


For all of the "WinCC Options" such as: WinCC/Server, WinCC/WebNavigator, WinCC/CentralArchiveServer (CAS), WinCC/Redundancy, WinCC/SimaticMaintenanceStation, WinCC/ProAgent, WinCC/DataMonitor, WinCC/DownTimeMonitor, WinCC/ProcessMonitor, WinCC/IndustrialDataBridge, WinCC/UserArchives, WinCC/SimaticBatch, WinCC/ChangeControl & WinCC Audit, WinCC/ODK, please see pages 281-314 of ST80 2009 SIMATIC HMI Catalog in the "Key Siemens Catalogs" area on this website.

Your RK Controls representative will be happy to work with you side by side as you select WinCC for your particular application.


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